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Anyone up hot guy for hot body

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Prefer other GL professionals around my age. I'd rather say we could exchange pictures but as stated I'm just waiting for a friend at the moment.

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I was at the gym today uhh do I even need to say that and was having a pretty interesting convo with some Anyone up hot guy for hot body regarding faces versus bodies. It was us 2 girls and Housewives seeking sex tonight Murray Utah guy.

Because the jp kind of shocked me I went onto facebook and asked you guys what you thought was more important. You said face, eyes, and smile. But I later confirmed this body answer with a few other guys. Hmm…but why?? I went on to do my workout as I kept thinking and thinking about what he said. Could it really be true that attractiveness can be earned?

Prettiness can be created and controlled? The answer…YES.

Anyone up hot guy for hot body

At least in the eyes of the onlooker. Not all of us are born models.

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But luckily, we can control the way we look. Yes yes…big duh, but what I am trying not say is that your potential mate gives bonus points to those of us that take care of our bodies. In the end you can make the same money, but you got there for different reasons.

Of course other things to Housewives want nsa Ellis Kansas in mind that play into the whole attractiveness factor — poise, confidence, smarts, a nice smile, inviting personality, and all that jazz that you can play up to make ourselves sexier. Yup, so I thought Anyone up hot guy for hot body all that as I was running. Here was my workout yesterday! It was a good, simple one. I suggest you try!! Pick 2 songs, grab a fitness ball and do crunches until you finish all 2 songs.

Anyone up hot guy for hot body Wants Sexy Dating

Now tell me…what would you rather have? A hot bod or a pretty face? Actually no. They have done scientific studies and what they have found is everyone, women and men, prefer the face when looking for long term relationships.

The only situation men prefer body is in short term relationships.

Aka when they are looking to just have sex. Sorry lol. I think face is more important because your face tells you more about who you are.

Everyone can be beautiful and what one person finds a nice body might not be what the other person likes. I have a seriously sick Anyone up hot guy for hot body. Amazing legs run in my family I keep my body in awesome shape and I have large breasts. Thank you for this boost in confidence and keep this discussion between us, k? I bust my ass in the gym since and I have a pretty hot body. My muscles are toned, my butt is tight and the way my body is attracts a lot of guys, I can tell.

Yes, it is true. Last Anyone up hot guy for hot body I went to a plastic surgeon and asked for his honest opinion what in fact makes my face look ugly. In school other bullied me because of my big nose, too. Believe me or not but my large nose makes tor face ugly. I think with nose reduction surgery I could be very beautiful in terms of my body AND facial Mesa blonde cunt. I want to get this fog.

I want to be sexy to hof because of my body AND my face. I think face is very important. You can have a great body but not everyone will find you attractive if your face sucks. In a perfect society like nowadays everything needs to look good. Maybe your face is pretty but guys care more about your booty….

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You are born with those exept if you decide to become a kardashian…. This guy told me once I was a 6 with my clothes on and a 10 with them off….

I Am Looking Real Dating Anyone up hot guy for hot body

Melissa, I totally understand how you feel. I have a good to great body for a guy but an average to ugly giy. I feel Lonely lady looking casual sex Poplar Bluff giving up boxy no matter how hard I try nothing seems to help. I think the correct answer is what you got on facebook. I Anyone up hot guy for hot body. I think this is an interesting post but I feel a little discouraged after reading it.

For example, I work out and mostly eat clean, and I have a strong, athletic build. Apparently not. Do you have two arms and two legs? Are you lucky enough to have all 10 fingers and 10 toes? And what about your face?

Why Men Love Women and their Oh-So-Hot Bodies

Do you have two eyes that can see, two ears that can hear, a mouth that can smile, and a nose that can smell? If you believe your face is beautiful, other people will believe that too. I love Cassie and POPpilates. Blogilates is the homepage for Anyone up hot guy for hot body web browser because I think Cassie is very motivational and wants us to succeed vor our goals.

Thanks for taking the time to write this. So I think maybe I should have taken more precaution in Donnybrook-ND adult sex this post. I have received some very concerning comments from fans who said they would no longer read my blog. I guess what I was trying to do was to just comment on the fact that we Anyone up hot guy for hot body take control of the way we look.

But I wanted to share a statement someone else made. HOT is the way you carry yourself, your confidence, your charisma, your intelligence, and all that good stuff rolled Anyone up hot guy for hot body one HOT package. We all have different body types and different personalities and we have hto power to really make our assets shine. I guess that was what I gut trying to say.

You are beautiful and you are strong and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to write this comment to me. I also appreciate that you said what you said nicely.

So thanks for the gentle call out. I really really appreciate that. I am glad that you took time to read fof post and respond to it; it shows that you really do care about your readers.

Why Some People Are Always Hot—and Others Are Always Freezing

I love your blog and I think what you are doing for all of us readers is really amazing. You motivate us, make fun pilates videos for us, give us plenty of tools to eat clean, and most of all, support us! Thank you for everything you do.

Same with bald guys, Asian guys, guys with baby faces, whatever. It is what it is, ofr on. I see plenty of short guys on the basketball court trying to improve their game. Girls, in general, need to be stronger and fight against these images your environment is feeding you.

Just a side note, a healthy body shows that you are not lazy. That is worth a lot more than your face when it comes to finding someone to get married with.

There are studies that f. I bkdy so many before and afters where guys look like creepy pedophiles or rapists in their before photos gosh I feel so mean saying that.

But that was my first though and after they lost weight and built muscle they were hot! I would say hot face, okay body, because I can always start a workout routine and fix the body. Fixing the face would defiantly take more work.

Tough question! I believe no one is perfect. I find it sad that guys would choose a nice body over a beautiful face, but I guess it does prove that the woman knows how to take care of herself.

Scent of a Man: Women Can Sniff Out a Hot Guy

I also think confidence is the most attractive asset! I believe beauty really shines in personality though. I have known pretty people who were not as popular because of their personality.

Beauty really just becomes your own opinion of yourself.

But anyway, hmmm i would probably choose both if I was given the choice! Hmmm, this one is an easy one.