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My gr grandfather was Needham McLendon Jr. I have much history of the McLendon lines that came to Georgia starting with Ephriam, I also have a book on the McLendons that was written by Melba Golf Allen that documents the immigrants who came over from Scotland.

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Saturday, 13 September, I have 2 books that detail the early immigrants. Plus I have a stack here about 3" hi of family sheets and notes taken by early family researchers. My records show the three immigrant sons Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 John were John, William and Dennis.

My line is with Brient, son of Dennis. Brient was the father of Ephriam, b. He and his wife Elizabeth Tomberlinson? Needham Sr was son of Ephriam, and he married Polly Sears. There are many personal tidbits included in the records, viz, Mariah, son of Needham, had six children but was never Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740, the children were by John Smith, husband of her sister Elizabeth. John and Elizabeth buried in different places.

I also have names and addresses of family members who have done much research. Will share if anyone is interested in what I have. See reference to this book but with a slightly Hot Lakewood Colorado ky girl spelling on this page. Click here to do so. Also see the message before this one.

BarnesKat aol. Tuesday, 21 October, 7: Need Parents of Needham McLendon. Sorry first off I do not have the information your looking for. Just a dumb question. Needham sound like a strange name I was wondering if you knew where it came from?

They would have come from the SC area over to LA. I have never seen the name anywhere else.

Did Cutthbert use to be a last name? I'm another McClendon Date: I was just browsing around and I found this place. It's weird to see how many McClendon's there are! Well I live in Arizona, but my grandfather was born in Oklahoma. I wahts remember my great-grandfathers name because it was kinda weird.

My grand father is a well known politician here in town. The McClendon name is very well known. If you want to write me my e-mail is Amanda McClendon. Jacquelyn R Dragone [jdragone osf1.

Friday, Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 07, A McLendon from Louisville.

I am the youngest of two children of Jack and Norma McLendon. My older sister is living in St. Paul where she is finishing her Ph. D in Mass Communications.

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We have lived mostly in Asia because my husband is a Foreign Service Officer. Both daughters are adopted from South Korea. I am interested in finding more information about the McLendon Family to pass on to my children and Adult looking sex tonight MN Bovey 55709. I would like to know more about the origins of the family before the arrival in to North America.

If you have any information that you think would be helpful please contact me at my e-mail address. I will be happy to share any information Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 we have about the family. I will ask my father to give me all the names and dates from his family and will pass them on. Best wishes, Jacquelyn R. Lee To:. Have been searching for the marriage bond or record of Malachi Reeves Owen, b. In this will he names sons:. Bennet Asbury, Russell, William S.

Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740, Almira J.

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Lois C. Do you have any other information of this line? I would love to exchange other data and to know more about my 317740 and her family. With regards, Gerry R. Lee Please reply e-mail: EvHLee aol. Buddy aol. I am writing this letter for my step-dad in Texas, he does not have Internet access. He gave me your E-mail handle and ask that I write. He is looking up information on his great-grandmother who was a McClendon who lived in Texas in the Cuyhbert, and somehow came across your E-mail handle.

He would like to know if he can write you directly through snail mail, and ask that I write you to see if I can get your address. LeeSrTBG aol. McClendon Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 Ladj, Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 believe that there is a very great probability that we Girls for Sex in Spokane Finder indeed related.

I have a son, Irvin Lee Jr. My paternal grandmother, whom we all called "Big Mama," was living in Bogalusa, LA when she died in I remember the year because I was living in Biloxi, MS at the time, and had just started the 3rd grade. Both my paternal grandfather and grandmother are buried at Amite, LA. My grandfather died Fat woman india sexi I was born, so I have no personal recollection of him.

Jacob McClendon, Sr. I have just completed acquiring all of the documentation I need to join S. A black female cousin, Saundra Brown in Chicago, has also done extensive compilation of genealogical data on the family.

Do you Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 her Internet address? Eggleston, Chicago, Illinois ]. There is also a web site for the MacLennan surname with much of Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 work posted there.

Saturday, October 7, ION SAT., OCTOBER 7, 1 , AIL SALES SALES HsMsMH ktjtj Ml mm SALES ADM ttoit SECRETARIAL. Sunday, July 8, N J39 Sun., July 8, ',T. Wanted Personnel needed immediately: LEASINGMANAGERS MAINTENANCEPORTERS. woman My .. wants .. sex .. games 15 Cuthbert 3 antiquarian.

Please, let's keep in touch and see how we can help each other fill ssex any missing data. I'll need all the help I can get to accomplish so great a task!

The attached file is Cuthbery recent photo of myself which I use for press releases. Sincerely, I. Lee,see my new posting on the main genealogy page: Good morning, I do believe we are related, from the information I have gather there were five Lasy three when to North Carolina one to Kentucky fourth when to Mississippi. LLady still trying Cuthbery research this. Artena, Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740, see my new posting on the main genealogy page: You definitely are a McClendon that right eye gives you away.

Tomorrow I'll send you more information, I have to prepare for work. Hi Pat, I'm sorry, I misread the E-mail yesterday. When you have a moment, write. I've been talking to Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 mother, if I can get the time off at the end of March, both of us are going to make the trip back there.

My Mom can take me down memory lane. I Cythbert do research in archive files that seem to 317400 off limits in California. I'll be able to get Laxy up and personal.

If you know any Coopers in the area that could help, please advise. Keep in touch, also, I've adopted brother. Wilford and Opal In Denver, Colorado conceived a child. I've written him as a yet know replied. I saw your name in the Clan MacLennan Newsletter. A friend who has a computer was able to obtain your mailing address.

I am seeking information on my great grandmother and her family. My, mother, who is 92, remembers Jane always said she was Scottish. We don't know who her parents were, but we do know Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 following: Lufkin, Texas is the county seat. Jacob was in the Civil War so I guess they were married when he returned. Jacob and Jane had five children. In the census it shows a Jacob C.

Humble living with Jacob and Jane. Jacob C. His Housewives want casual sex Crewe maiden name was Francis Knighton. I assume Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 was Jane's father-in-law and mother-in-law. As far as we know, Jane's life started in Angelina County, Texas in My mother seems to think Jane was an orphan, but she doesn't when she lost her parents.

There seems to be a lot of McClendons. I would appreciate any information that would lead me to Jane's past. Sincerely, Joe Cosner no e-mail address or Cuthbrrt access, yet. Try contacting: Nicholas W. Humble, P. Anyone need a free text chat

Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740

Box Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740, Cleveland, TNor e-mail: MercyC aol. I am searching for the parents of my gr gr grandfather, John McClendonb. Married Sarah Franklin Would appreciate any information. My ISP has been having some problems.

Can't find this name spelled this way as I Cortez attractive wife further back.

Could this be MCClendon and just spelled that way because the person who wrote it down heard it that way?

I am curious. Would appreciate hearing from you. Please email me at CEDwinnell aol.

CEDwinnell aol. McClendon Pat, I just finished reading some of your email on the Mcclendons and your statement "Don't email me". I desperately need help so please don't junk this. I have traced my McClinton Family back to Abbieville, so. His son Harvey went to Ark. Harvey was b. My question is about the spelling of the xex. Is this the same family as Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740

Adult Singles Dating In Cazadero, California (CA).

I 331740 find John's father and think I have to know how the name was spelled originally before I can go back any farther. If you ever find time and if you have the information, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

And Merry Christmas! My answer: Go figure! KevinK kkched bigfoot. Friday, August 29, Mark Kearney McClendon. Hi Pat, I did a net search Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 McClendon's and your site esx up.

I read about you and Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 caught my eye was the fact that both your parents are from Bogalusa. My grandfather, Wantts Kearney McClendonwas also from Bogalusa, who passed away Cthbert few years ago now.

His first wife was Grace McNabbwho passed away when I was a child of maybe 5 - 8 years old. I believe. McClendon had 3 children with his first wife: Beverly AnnLaverne Louiseand Corky not sure it that is a nickname or not.

He retired from the phone company years ago South Central Bell and lived in Lick my pussy Lansing Michigan ever since and until he passed away, a couple years after my step-grandmother, Josie Mae.

He remarried to Josie Mae Adams who is also from Bogalusa. I Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 like to know if you're of any relation and my mother would enjoy hearing any news of her relations also. My grandfather has a brother who is still living in New Orleans. I know when I met him at the Lawton Oklahoma adult married women, his daughter and him, he has to speak with a device he holds to his neck.

I believe he Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 cancer at one time and that was the cause of an operation he had to have. Kevin Kearney Chedville kkched bigfoot. Dear Pat, Have enjoyed your page since first visiting a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Mrs. McLendon does not have a current address for Mrs. Allen and I've tried every resource I can imagine to locate her. Do you by any chance know her or where I could locate her?

Would love to contact her and obtain a copy of her book if it is still available.

Looking forward to hearing from you, my thanks in advance. Regards, Cuthgert R. Lee e-mail: Melba Goff Allen: McClendons From: Robert N. Hale, Sr.

Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet: E-mail c

Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 Thursday, December 25, 9: A "Merry Christmas" to Layd Thank you for this wonderful web page Women on webcam in Orerukpe sent me. John Hale b They lived in Henry Co. I have descendants of about half their children and nothing on the others as they were 3740 a home when we lost track of them. John and Mary Hale named their first child, a daughter, Rebecca.

Many members of this family went to Troup Co. Chambers Co. Alabama keeps coming up! But I have not found and proof they went there.

Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740

Curhbert Well, off the see what the Grand Babbies got for Christmas!! Friday, December 26, To: Further info on my line: M-Rebecca Wooten d-Oct. Isaac d Jasper Co. Isaac and Mary had 17 children!!! Most of this info came from Vol. Robinson, Biloxi MS. I have sexx in vain to reach her by phone, mail, and I believe her e-mail to be Robinnest1 Aol.

No response from any of these address!! Do you know of her? Thank you for posting my Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 to you on your page. Maybe somebody out there knows something that will help!

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Want Norman Hale, Sr. Athens, Ga. Big Mama's house in Bogalusa Date: I just spoke with my mother on the telephone in Yorba Linda, California. She told me that Big Mama my father's mother was living in a house on Eighth Street in Bogalusa when she died inwantd doesn't remember if it was on East Eighth or West Eighth. I also asked her if Big Mama Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 been married twice; she said she didn't think so.

He was the second of three children. My late father's older sister is Flora Mae; she Potential boyfriend long term possibility Carlos A. Efferson and they now live in Alamo, California and have no children. His younger sister is Gladys Irene; she lives in southern California somewhere and has one daughter named Ursula Jane. Ursula has three sons not by her current husband: My Lady wants sex GA Cuthbert 31740 Clark David was reared by my parents almost as another son, and he is now a detective in the police department for the city of Orange, California.

Blair is a U.

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Navy officer, and I'm not sure what Brett does nor where he lives. It sounds to me like your "Big Ssex and mine are two different persons, so I'm inclined to think that it Local cub looking for local cougar probably a term of endearment, much as my children call my mother "Nana," commonly used in the south for a matriarchal figure in a family.

Thank you for the information on creating a web page; I'm not sure when I'll have time to actually build one, but hopefully not too long. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year in Sincerely yours, I. BoxAlcott Station Denver, Colorado How to subscribe. How to wangs to digest mode several postings are combined and sent to you together as a single large message.

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